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Maritime Republic of Eastport
Tug of War IX

Saturday, November 4, 2006
Crack of Noon
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Be a Tugger

cheerleadersTuggers make the Tug happen, pure and simple, and Tuggers are needed on both the MRE and Annapolis sides. You can't have a competition without competitors.

Tugging is great fun and everyone is invited to the party afterward, regardless of who wins or loses.

It tuggerwill be one of the most physically demanding things you'll ever do, and it will be over in just a couple of minutes. If your team wins, your bragging rights are good for a whole year.

t-shirtsThe three public tugs are the Women’s, Men’s and Co-Ed tugs, each featuring 33 tuggers on a side. Tuggers pledge a minimum of $20 and receive a limited edition, tuggers-only T-shirt for their efforts. Tuggers come in all shapes, sizes and levels of athletic ability.

There will also be sponsored tugs. For example, in the past bars, restaurants, banks, and other organizations have put together teams. The organization pays for the team's entry, but tuggers are encouraged to raise money in pledges anyway, in order to provide the biggest financial gain possible for the beneifting charities. So, if your club, favorite watering hole, gym, whatever, can field a team, please let us know.

If you decide to tug, you'll be asked to sign a damage/injury waiver. That will be included the the Tugger's Info Packet which will be available soon. The packet also contains a recruitment form and a charity pledge form to help tuggers raise additional funds. Download the charity pledge form here.

You can use this to ask your friends to support you in this grand effort. It's very easy to ask people to support you... you'll be surprised how fast your pledge form fills up. Remember that it's all for a great cause... our local charities.


For more information regarding the 2006 Tug of War, including sponsorship, advertising, volunteer and tugging opportunities, email tug@themre.org or call Jessica Pachler at 410-916-5500.
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