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Maritime Republic of Eastport
Tug of War IX

Saturday, November 4, 2006
Crack of Noon
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MRE Tug of War Funds Distribution - 2006

On December 13, 2006, a celebration was held at the Eastport Democratic Club. Checks were distributed to SPCA, AMM, Civil Air Patrol, Lighthouse Shelter, OIC of Anne Arundel County, Reading Program of Eastport, and Box of Rain. Each organization received $3000.

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What is the Tug of War?

tuggertuggersOnce a year, local and national attention focuses on the Annapolis Harbor — or, as we like to call it, the Gulf of Eastport — for a competition unlike any in the world: the Slaughter Across the Water. It is the longest tug of war over a body of water in the world.


The Tug is staged between the Maritime Republic of Eastport, the MRE, and Downtown Annapolis, featuring a 1700’ rope, over 350 tuggers, and more than a thousand spectators. The Tug transforms Downtown Annapolis and Eastport with a festival-like atmosphere that includes food vendors, cheering crowds, and all sorts of local color. This year’s Tugfest will include food and beverages, live music, and a silent auction. The Tugfest will begin at 11 a.m., the Tugging begins at the Crack o’ Noon and the party lasts until 5 p.m.


How You Can Help Your Community

bandThe Tug draws on the rivalry between Eastport and the City of Annapolis, with civic pride on both sides allowing this zany event to improve more than community morale. The MRE has raised more than $180,000 for charities over the past eight years. Each year, the MRE and volunteers from Annapolis and beyond work long and hard to put together an event unlike any other. In addition to a riotous battle, great food and fantastic camaraderie, the Tug offers the chance to give back to the community that surrounds and supports us.

tuggersSponsor dollars, volunteer efforts and tugger pledges combine to make the event a success for attendees and the organizations that participate. The Tug could not continue without the assistance of the generous community sponsors who help to keep overhead low and enthusiasm high. Sponsors receive exposure to thousands of people through Tug advertising, on site displays and Tug marketing efforts.

Who Benefits from the Tug?

tuggersProceeds from the Tug go to a selection of local charities, some of which rely on this donation as a significant part of their operating budgets. The seven charities that will be supported by this year’s Tug proceeds include: Annapolis Maritime Museum, Box of Rain, Civil Air Patrol, Eastport Elementary School’s Reading is Fundamental Program, Lighthouse Shelter, OIC Job Readiness Center and the SPCA.



Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities come in many shapes and sizes, from T-shirt ads at $125 to an exclusive Tug Heat Sponsorship at $3000. The MRE will work with you to design a sponsor package that maximizes benefits for your organization and the charities involved with the Tug. Please consider becoming a sponsor this year!!

Read more in our sponsor packet

Who Can Tug?

tug coachtuggersTuggers are needed on both the MRE and Annapolis sides. Tugging is great fun and everyone is invited to the party afterward, regardless of win/loss, Annapolis/MRE. The three public tugs are the Women’s, Men’s and Co-Ed tugs, each featuring 33 tuggers on a side. Tuggers pledge a minimum of $20 and receive a limited edition, tuggers-only T-shirt for their efforts. Tuggers come in all shapes, sizes and levels of athletic ability.


Where Do I Sign Up?

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Tug of War, as a Tugger, Volunteer or Sponsor, please email us at tug@themre.org or call 410-916-5500. We will send you the information you need.


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For more information regarding the 2006 Tug of War, including sponsorship, advertising, volunteer and tugging opportunities, email tug@themre.org or call Jessica Pachler at 410-916-5500.
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