Tug of War Merchandise

One of the purposes of the Tug is to raise money for local charities. We try to find as many ways to do this as we can.

So, why not take home a memento of the event?

We will have Tug V shirts and and other merchandise with the Tug logo and the MRE logo beautifully rendered or embroidered. And we have MRE non-Tug merchandise for sale as well.

This year we will also have collectors items for sale at a discount: merchandise from past years' Tugs!

Shop the day of the Tug or contact us to buy your special item. Remember! They make great holiday gifts!

Tugwear and MREwear is available at Bags by Mimi (321 First Street, in Eastport—800 536-6817 & 410 263-6817) and at The Galley, 302 Second Street—410 263-5882.

Here's a sample of our inventory.


We Like it This Way. Up the Republic!

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