About the Rope

Yale Cordage of Biddeford, Maine, built the official MRE Tug-of-War rope especially for this event. With a replacement value (in 1998 dollars) of $23,488.50, it is one of MRE's most valuable capital assets.

Its specifications, as outlined by Yale Cordage:

Product Maxibraid Plus double braid custom manufactured double tapered line 1 l/8" diameter to " diameter to l l/8" diameter, by 1,700 feet long (part #91048ICASSA001)
Core Member " diameter 12-strand 24 degree braid of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene Spectra 900 fiber impregnated with Yale Maxijacket yellow urethane coating. Mean breaking strength 49,000 lbs. Weight in air: 11.8 lbs. per 100 feet [11.8 x 17=20.6 lbs.]. Weight in seawater: buoyant, -2.6 lbs. per 100 feet.
Sleeve Member 1 1/8" diameter 24-strand 38 degree overbraid of high tenacity multifilament Fiberbrite 2000 polyester fiber in black and yellow, with 250 feet of each end of the 1,700-foot core overbraided for hand gripping.

Maxibraid Plus is registered to Yale Cordage, Inc.
Spectra 900 and Fiberbrite 2000 are registered to Allied Fibers

Yale Cordage's logo is "When there's a lot on the line." There certainly is in this case!


We Like it This Way. Up the Republic!

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