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For Immediate Release
Nov. 11, 2000

Contact: Jefferson Holland
Minister of Propaganda

Eastport Wins Third Annual International Tug-of-War

Eastport won the third annual "Slaughter Across the Water," the world’s longest tug-of-war across a body of water, on Saturday, Nov. 4, 2000. Fourteen teams of about 30 tuggers each competed in eight grueling heats on either side of a 1,700-foot-long custom-made rope.

The competition was fierce, with the Annapolis teams quickly winning the first three tugs. The first heat began shortly after the crack of noon, with the patrons and bartenders of Annapolis bars beating their rivals from Eastport bars in a 41-second pull. The Annapolis Yacht Club out-tugged the Eastport Yacht Club in the second bout that lasted 1 minute, 53 seconds. Annapolis won the third tug in 2 minutes, 21 seconds, when employees from the Chart House Restaurant were defeated by Phillips Seafood.

Things were looking glum in Eastport when Dave Gendell, editor of SpinSheet Magazine, led his crew of hearty sailors in a rousing 26-second victory over the powerboaters from the Chesapeake Bay Powerboat Association. This round was contested because of a miscount of the number of tuggers on the Eastport side, but when the sailors lined up for a re-tug after the last heat, not enough powerboaters could be found to pull for the Annapolis side, and the judges ruled in favor of Eastport.

In any case, the first four rounds were considered exhibition tugs. The real competition was just about to begin. It started with the MRE men soundly defeating the Annapolis Jaycees men in 42 seconds flat. This was the third year in a row the MRE men’s team won. The MRE women stepped up to the rope next, hoping to win for the first time in three years. And win they did, soundly besting the Annapolis Jaycees women in a heart-wrenching 66-second tug. The MRE side swept three for three when the coed team out-pulled the Jaycees coeds in 47 seconds.

All eight heats were finished before 1 p.m., nearly a full hour faster than last year.

The Fourth Annual "Slaughter Across the Water" is slated for Saturday, November 3, 2001. For information on joining the 2001 teams, contact MRE Tug Chairman Rick Kennedy, 410/280-8562 or Annapolis Jaycees Tug Chairman George Dands at 410/757-6822 or see the official MRE web site at [See note below]

-- end --

NOTE: The Annapolis Jaycees have decided to not participate in 2001. For information on joining any of the "Slaughter Across the Water" teams, contact MRE 2001 Tug Chairman Mike Raab.

Photo Gallery of our Glorious Victory
Tug of War 2000
Slaughter Across the Water III

Before the tug, George Dands (Jaycees), Cindy Fletcher-Holden (MRE Prime Minister), and Rick Kennedy (MRE Tug Chairman) appeared live on WNAV radio. MRE's finest getting in shape for the tug by "practice-lifting" a J-boat. Exercise those biceps! The Jaycees were also photographed by the local newspaper, "practice-pulling" against a trolley.

Excitement was strongly evident at the MRE Tug of War Pep Rallies, on October 27 and November 3. There were speeches, cheers, music, laughter and a good time for all. Click here for more photos.

The Big Day is Here!

It was a beautiful, crisp fall morning as organizers and tuggers began to arrive on the Eastport side. The rope was towed to the other side of the Gulf of Eastport so the event could begin.
The teams assembled and were counted by their captains. Them Eastport Oyster Boys entertained the crowd, accompanied by the Horn Point Horns, who also "called" cadence for the tuggers, led by Randy on the tuba.
And the tugs began!

At the end of the day, MRE remained victorious!
Click here for details about each heat.

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Slaughter Across the Water III

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