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Some Magic Moments from the Slaughter Across the Water in Past Years

See photos from Tug 2000

The Tug of War is a family event that brings out the brave citizens of the Maritime Republic of Eastport and many other friends and visitors.

The first year it took a real surveyor (and an unreal team) to figure out how long the rope across the harbor had to be. Led by registered purveyor John Dowling, the party stands on the Eastport side next to the Chart House.

(above) Jeff Collins and Josh Cohen surveyed from the other side, at City Dock.

The special rope made by Yale Cordage especially for this event, framed by the Maritime Republic of Eastport's flag.

Uncoiling the rope and getting it from the MRE side across the water to the Annapolis side calls for a truck and a sturdy boat.

In Tugs of War, size does matter!

Bravado is half the battle.

MRE women towing the line.

Above and below, MRE men, getting ready to tug.

See photos from Tug 2000

We Like it This Way. Up the Republic!

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