About the MRE


The Short Version

Like any great movement, the concept for the Maritime Republic of Eastport began in a local pub over a couple mugs of beer. The prime mission was to find a creative way to promote and encourage the patronage of Eastport businesses that were destined to be hurt by the Maryland State Highway Administration's shutting down for repair of the drawbridge connecting mainland Annapolis with the Eastport peninsula. Read about Eastport's history. The citizens of Eastport took advantage of their isolation to sever their social, political and economic ties as well - tongue in cheek - in celebration of our eclectic and quirky neighborhood.

“We like it this way” is our motto. And we do.

The goal was to foster a spirit of independence and merriment in a manner befitting the character of Eastport and at the same time, to celebrate Eastport's proud heritage and quality of life.

So the Maritime Republic of Eastport was founded on Super Bowl Sunday, 1998, when patriots residing on the Horn Point peninsula rose up in revolt against the snobbish suppression of "Annapolis Proper" across the harbor.

Since that time, MRE has become a force in the community, doing good for the community and having fun at the same time. MRE meetings and activities are open to all.

The Longer Version