Tug of War

Tug of War XX is coming!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Details coming soon. In the meantime, here is some handy information


Tug of War XIX

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Final Score
Annapolis 5, Eastport 3



 Military Service Members Navy - winner
  Eastport Firefighters - winner PG County Firefighters
4th Street Bars & Lewnes' Steakhouse - winner Annapolis Restaurants & Bars
Eastport Yacht Club Jamie Costello & Crew - winner
Dome Chartering & Trading - winner Annapolis Elementary PTA
Eastport Women Annapolis Women - winner
Annapolis Athletics 24 Hour Fitness & Premier Fitness - winner
Women Against Domestic Violence Women Against Domestic Violence YMCA - winner

Why did you tug?

For bragging rights and to raise money for these deserving charities

Thank you to the bands!

Eastport Elementary School Band
A Hoodoo Few
Naptown Brass Band
Eastport Oyster Boys
Zen Dogs
D'Vibe 'n' Conga
Dean Rosenthal's 4 Piece Racket
Fast as Lightning
The LaRosa Band

Thank you to the Mason Dixon Chili Pod for the Chili Cookoff!

Thank you to the food and merchandise vendors and all the volunteers.

Thank you to our wonderful sponsors!


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About the Tug
and The Maritime Republic of Eastport (MRE*)

Billed as the longest International** Tug of War over water in the world , The Tug of War was originally conceived by the residents of Eastport in 1997 when the City of Annapolis used the excuse of a "public works project" to close the Spa Creek bridge that leads to Eastport from Annapolis. This unprovoked act of aggression on the part of the City of Annapolis had the effect of cutting off Eastport residents and businesses from the rest of the city. The somewhat fractious citizens of Eastport, feeling the sting of rejection by The City and, perhaps, somewhat emboldened by the generous pouring habits of a local bartender, decided to declare war against The City of Annapolis and secede. Thus, to the rallying cries of " Up The Republic," the micro-nation known as The Maritime Republic of Eastport was born.

In the ensuing years, although the Spa Creek Bridge has since re-opened, the once persecuted citizens of Eastport (Eastport-O-Ricans) have yearly declared a symbolic War of Independence against The City of Annapolis lest anyone forget this dark period of Annapolis-Eastport relations. The Tug of War, a celebration of the geographical and, some would argue, philosophical differences between Eastport and Annapolis, is a not-to-be missed maritime event unlike any other.

*The MRE is a registered 501(c)3 organization. All funds raised by the Tug and other MRE events are distributed to various charitable organizations in the Annapolis area. To date, over $500,000.00 has been raised.

**While other cities may claim to host a longer Tug, this is the only international Tug competition over water in the world. To read more about the history of The Maritime Republic of Eastport please visit here.

History of the Tug of War


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We're working to complete our archive of past Tugs of War. Have any photos you want to share? Contact us.